Activities of the Association of the Vega del Mar

To promote the three archaeological site in Marbella and San Pedro, we have done the following:
 - Flyers to the three archaeological sites
With the help of the professor of ancient history, Fernando Wulff and the artistic director, Maria Testa we designed three flyers to the site which will guide the interested public. You can download them in a pdf format in Spanish, and thanks to Terry Hobdell, an English version of the Basilica Vega del Mar flyer is available, too.
 - Literary competition in San Pedro’s Secondary Schools
Last autumn we held a literary competition to create awareness of the Early Christina Basilica in San Pedro

- 1st Photographic Competition Vega del Mar
In September 2009 we held the first photographic competitions inside the grounds of the Basilica Vega del Mar. More than 200 photographers participated and you can see the winning photos of adults and under 18 year olds on this web site. The photos are on display in the San Pedro town hall.
- Paulo, The Judge of Salduba.
The association persuaded the author, Jose Antonio Castillo to write a historical novel. The text was published in May 2010, and tells the story of Marbella and San Pedro in the VI and VII century.
- Design of pieces of art:
Our logo represents the baptistery of the Basilica Vega del Mar, which is shaped like a fish, a symbol of early Christianity. Amongst the many people who support our Association are: Antonio Mingote, newspaper cartoonist , Alejandro Blanco, President of the Spanish Olympic Comitee,, Angeles Muñoz, Mayor of Marbella, Azahara Muñoz, a top young golfer from San Pedro, Natalia Kuchaeva, an outstanding pianist Dr. Margarita Vallejo, Professor of ancient history.


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