About us:

The Association Basílica Vega del Mar is trying to award the archaeological treasures of Marbella and San Pedro Alcántara the importance and recognition they should have.

It is incomprehensible that historical sites, dating back well over 2000 years, classified as BIC, the highest grading for monuments in Spain, are unknown to visitors and residents alike. The aim of this page and our continuous activities is to allow us all to appreciate these singular monuments. Help us so that the residents of Marbella and San Pedro learn to value our rich past.

This page and all its contents were made available thanks to the effort of many people, to name just a few:

  • Mrs. Africa Aguilar, secretary of the Asociación Vega del Mar
  • Mr. Javier Olano, vicepresident of the Asociación Vega del Mar
  • Mrs. Maria Testa, artistic director and accomplished photographer
  • Mr. Fernado Wulff, professor of ancient history at the University of Malaga
  • Mr. Terry Hobdell, member of the Asociación Vega del Mar
  • Mrs. Jessica Gienow-Hecht, professor of international history University of Cologne
  • Mr. Joaquin Portillo, designer and webmaster of our web page
  • Mrs. Elaine Correia, expert in social networks
  • Mrs. Mercedes Morales, expert in web site management at the Marbella Town Hall
  • Mr. Vincent Nerée, president of the Asociación Vega del Mar


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